Coast Diving

We can also offer diving in the Azahar Coast activities with several immersions.

We take you to do two immersions in a day to a two shipwreck in Burriana. First immersion in the “CALA EGOS” and the second immersion in the “LITRI”.
If you wish, you can change one of these immersions for another in the Benafeli Beach of Almazora. 

“LITRI” shipwreck : a freighter of 50m of length. The depth of the immersion is of 20m, where you will be able to see nudibranchs, gudgeon, mojarra, and many more…. in addition, you could dive inside the shipwreck and even get into the bridge.

“CALA EGOS” shipwreck: a freighter of 50m of length. The depth of the immersion is 23m, slightly deeper than the LITRI. It is a similar immersion but this shipwreck is more undimmed than the LITRI.

“Barra Benafeli”: It’s a rocky formation about 14 m. deep, with gaps to admire and enjoy the Mediterranean depth landscapes. Much life of small fishes such as damselfishes can be seen, as well as some lobsters. Around the place, there is a sandy bottom where we can find fan mussels.
Salimos a las 8h y nos dirigimos hacer la 1ª inmersión a Burriana, a las 9h al agua.
We take a one-hour break while we sail to the location of the 2nd immersion, and about 11 a.m. we dive in again.
At about 1 a.m. we will arrive at the Port.

ID Card
Scuba Diving Certification
Diving insurance
Medical certificate or medical form published in the B.O.E.

Price: 75 € per passenger for 2 immersions
Include: Guide, 2 tanks for scuba diving, weight retainer, fruit.
langosta  escorpa
nacra  caracol

Next dates

24/10/2021 - Sunday      (40,00 €)   Places: 0
40,00 €
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